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Bella Bingo Exclusive Online Review

Bella Bingo Bingo is the largest in the world and offers its players a great hall to play bingo and have fun with the other players to have.

The biggest online bingo site in the world

Bella Bingo advertises itself with the biggest free online bingo sites in the world to be, and so you can be sure to make a variety of players from all over the world, with games starting around the clock.

Behind Bella Maria Bingo and Bingo are the same people, and so you can be sure that they know how to run a bingo room.

And just like Maria Bingo Bingo Bella also uses software from 1gaming, which is very reliable and fast, and it allows you you can set the language of your choice. You also need to download or install anything before you play – you can play directly from your browser at Bella Bingo online!

Excellent Community Online

At Bella Bingo you are bored with no waiting for new games – as many players visit the site around the clock, that you will always find a bingo game that is just beginning. If you even a little distraction from online bingo want to have, do you have the opportunity to try out the other games that are offered at Bella Bingo. I personally find the keno games now and then, quite entertaining.

Starting prices are low

The cards are already available at Bella Bingo for £ 0.10, so you need not necessarily be a rich casino baron, to participate in the fun. I’ve found that as little as £ 1 may be sufficient for me to spend a whole afternoon in the halls, and many times I’ve ended a visit here with a lot more money in your pocket, and occasionally even met new friends.

Fantastic bonus offer

At Bella Bingo you get a 100% bonus of up to fantastic £ 100 on your first no deposit bingo, which is a pretty good welcome. Remember that you can withdraw the bonus is not directly, but it must use to buy cards and play. If you have then played for a while and have met the revenue requirement, you can withdraw your winnings, if you want to.

Existing players are from Bella Bingo appreciated for their loyalty, and there are many exciting competitions every month, which will ensure that you come back.

All together I had a very happy player at Bella Bingo, mainly because of these points:

  • A very trusted site, the top quality software used
  • Many running bingo games, which means that I never wasting time, waiting for the start of new games
  • Friendly players and attractive promotions, worry that I come back
  • A good mood on the page and fantastic customer service
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This is just not a well established or fun filled online bingo brand; Foxy bingo has managed to emerge as a super brand name in the online world. The website is also considered as being no depoist bingo legend in the online world. The site was launched in 2005 and ever since its launch it has managed to win a number of awards on regular basis. The site is also well known for different types of bingo games and functionality. Apart from this they also organize best advertising campaigns so they can attract more number of players from UK to enjoy their game here. The community at foxy bingo is also well advanced and socializing so most players are very much interacting with each other and new players.

Games – The website provides players with some of the best collection of games like 75 balls and 90 balls. Players can also try and get involved in different games like roulette, lotto, keno and video poker. The place is a hub for best collections of bingo games along with online casino games. The players find the graphical features very much exciting and smooth. The best part is that the site offers with genuine instructions for each of the game play. Before getting started it is advisable to go through the rules of the game in case you are new player. This also improves your chance of making a very big win.

Promotional offers – When speaking of promotions foxy bingo is considered as leader. The site is much better as compared to many bingo sites and offer with big paying promotions. You as a new member can try and generate around 100 free bingo cards along with best prize offers. Players can get involved in special Monday night games and win big prizes. The website also offers players with tickets at a varying price range. The moment you get registered you are also eligible for 200% match up bonus amount. The welcome bonus is considered as being very much generous and can double your bank roll instantly. The moment you make any deposit you are also eligible for 50% bonus offer depending on the amount you deposit with the site. Apart from this the game how to play bingo is also very distinct and players get a chance to get involved in a number of free games.

Loyalty programs – The website also provides players with different loyalty programs where you can try and generate points. This can be used to buy tickets to play the game. Points are offered for using chat games and for purchasing tickets. So in case you buy around 10 pence bingo ticket, then you are also entitled for gaining 1 bingo point. In case you refer the site to your friends then you are also gaining 5000 bingo points. The points are transferred in your account instantly.

Social side – The site is very much socializing for players. You get a chance to enjoy the game in different communities and make new friends. Apart from this you can also try and win lottery when playing games in your own community. There are a number of celebrities who try and play the games here regularly. So if you are real bingo fan then foxy bingo is the best new bingo site room for you.