Learning to play Bingo online

Bingo Online is a world famous game, but online there are many variations of the game. Fortunately they are all easy to learn and the basic rules are similar. The most popular online bingo game is the American Bingo, which contains 75 numbers, but also the Bingo (with 90 figures) can be seen often.

The games consist of:

  • A caller (who represented the casino), announces the respective random numbers
  • One or more players (like you) have all the cards over a certain amount of

If a player has a number on his card, which coincides with that which is currently in demand, he highlighted the number. The numbers are announced quickly, so you have to pay close attention to the caller and the numbers quickly and accurately to mark your bingo cards, or select the auto-dauber, so he does it for you. Depending on the game have to fill in the numbers either selected a number, the entire map or a different pattern (see the table at right). The first player who meets that has bingo and win – it’s that easy!


As I said, when it comes to bingo and the establishment of contacts, and we therefore recommend you to use the bingo chat forum while you play bingo – it is fun and is a great way to meet new friends. Here you can also get advice from experienced players and participate in extra small competitions. There are a few rules for chatting on free online bingo sites to which you should keep it, and you also often used abbreviations in the chat language – the so-called “bingo lingo”. This language can be a bit confusing at the beginning, but you will quickly understand the importance of different expressions.

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Posted on: 5th July 2011 by: onlinebingo1.net