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Auto Dauber

If you use the auto-dauber, You have to really worry about anything because the computer will automatically mark your numbers.

90-ball Bingo

In most bingo halls will also call it “Bingo” for you if you’re the lucky one (but please check first if you have to press the Bingo button itself). It’s a good thing to use the auto-dauber, because then you need not stress yourself during the game and it allows you to use a lot of cards in a game. As a special bonus, you can personalize your car with different colors and animations Dauber.


Normally, you need a number or a whole card full have to get a bingo online, but on some pages are also other fun patterns used. If that’s the case, you see a picture that shows how the pattern that you need to look at the top of the screen. You can see these patterns on the charts, where some numbers are colored darker than the others.


You can choose between different callers – some prefer a sexy woman’s voice, the other sweet of a guy. You can also choose from different types that your Caller background music is accompanied.

Auto Sort

If you have many cards and not all can see on the screen at once, it may make sense to use the automatic collation. This feature allows you to see the cards that are closest to a bingo.

Extra Games

While playing bingo, you can also other best free bingo games such as Video poker and slot machines in small windows on the same screen play. Please note that these games may have other stakes and rules.

The chat forum

Ultimately, you should use the chat forum if you are online. First, it is a fantastic place to socialize and make new friends. Second, and the chat managers (who represented the casino) and other beginner players compared with usually very helpful, so that they can help you if you should have any questions. And third, there are a lot of extra profits, where the chat manager offers a few extra games (winning the first three players to the “three I” call in the chat forum, where the number 3 is drawn, extra money).

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