Learning the rules of bingo

Bingo is one of the few casino games, which is well outside the known and popular casinos. Why are the bingo rules and the majority of casino visitors before entering the establishment is not new. If you are one of the few people who have never had contact with the free bingo rules, you need not be embarrassed. onlinebingo1.net has summarized the most important rules of bingo.

The goal of the game

The goal of a bingo player is simple: He tries to reach a certain pattern on his bingo card. If the caller proclaimed all numbers you will need for their profit line, then congratulations! You have won.

The Playing Cards

Before you make to it, winning numbers to highlight, you obviously need a bingo license. These playing cards are known in English as “grids” and generally show 25 randomly selected numbers from the range between 1 and 75 However, there are now in literally hundreds of variations of bingo rules (for example, the 888ladies bingo, Bella Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo – there are so many types and providers) therefore, the number of numbers and the selection will vary from game to game area.

The price of a bingo game card can last from a few cents to hundreds amount of €, depending on where you play. Especially in online casinos you will almost always find a game that fits your budget.

The Calling

Do you have your ticket, you really need only one caller. It is a person who also reads selected by random winning numbers. Every time one of these numbers appears on your ticket, simply select them with a special pen.

According to the goal of the game bingo rules, a specific pattern on the card is to earn. The only power you have to perform here is to recognize the pattern, according to Mark, and – if you earn it – “Bingo” loud call. So you see, is the epitome of a bingo gambling and all in all a very relaxing thing. Your task is to select numbers and can not wait to receive the profits.

The paylines

In most bingo games are very simple rules played bingo pattern. You must earn a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five numbers. However, this is not always so. There are also online bingo uk games where you have to get all the corners and one additional field, a smiley face or some other pattern. In a variant, known as “Blackout Bingo”, you must have all fields marked even her playing card to reap a profit. It is therefore important that you learn just before the start of the game on the winning conditions and the applicable rules of bingo. Nothing is more embarrassing than the wrong moment to call “Bingo!”.

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Posted on: 19th August 2011 by: onlinebingo1.net