Overview – The website is managed and operated by CBTV. The website is certainly a genuine place to enjoy your game play. The moment any player decides to get registered with Cheggers then it is certain that he might get to make around one pound in his bank as free money. Before you actually begin with paying the money it is certain that you can make use of this free money to get familiar with the game play.

Registration – The entire process to get registered with this free online bingo site certainly can be termed as being very much simple. The signing up process in fact might only take not more than five minutes. Players are only expected to enter all details related to their information including name, mail id and address. Players also don’t have any restrictions so they can try and create their personal alias name and password. Players are also having an option where they might not make use of their address. The website also does not request players to provide with their debit or credit card details. This is one way to ensure that you might not have to loose any personal information or share it with any one. The information is only requested by the website only if you are deciding to withdraw the money in your bank account. One of the best parts is that you get to earn 100% match up bonus for the amount you deposit with the website.

Main page – The website also offers with simple and genuine design and the moment speaking of basics there is not much you might have to put your efforts into. The site also provides players with simple navigation and so most players never face much problems after logging in. apart from this the site also offers players with best promotions on regular basis and you can always find something new in the related page.

Game play – When playing at chiggers bingo you might experience a great game play. The site provides access to three distinct bingo rooms for enjoying 90 ball game. The support system is also very much helpful. You can get involved in chat rooms and try and develop your personal community. They also award with best BB points and free bingo which is the main attraction. Players can enjoy other online games including slots apart from variety of instant games. In case you are looking forward to win big money then you can also try out their jackpot offers. The tickets are also very much affordable and starts from 5 pence to 25 pence. You also get a chance to win a number of bingo tickets for free.

Final verdict – This is definitely the best placed to enjoy online bingo in the online world. The players enjoy the chat games along with getting interacted with other players. You can always exchange any information related to jackpot offers with other players. The sign up bonus also offers with a chance to double the deposit money in your bankroll. The website also rates high in terms of game quality and support system.

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Posted on: 13th May 2011 by: onlinebingo1.net