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The rules

Bingo is a game of chance. Here are balls, much like billiard balls, drawn from a pool of 75 or 90 balls, and proclaimed their numbers. To adjust the figures to buy the player before pre-cards. The players mark the numbers on their proclaimed playing cards and whoever can first form a predetermined pattern in the match the called numbers with its maps called “Bingo” and wins.

The number of how to play bingo players is not really limited. Important before the game is the acquisition of two completely different game cards. These consist of 24 numbered boxes and an open field that can be marked by the same player. The 5 × 5 grid on the cards allows for different patterns.

Have the players earned their cards at the so-called Caller (crier) to the random drawing of numbers. Each drawn number is called out and removed from the game. Tasks of the players is to be called as soon as possible to find the number on the card number and mark.

Is achieved with the selected number of fields, the default pattern, you have won. “BINGO” call to remember! The game is played until one player has formed the pattern. Then you can start a new game. The gains vary depending on the company between more or less high jackpots and cash prizes.

The bingo game is probably one of the most popular games in the world, it is always played at various events to pass the time. Due to the high chances of winning bingo bonus promotions is now available in many stores and online lottery casinos. Bingo is also one of the world’s oldest games of chance, this is due to the high level of fun and the tension that is mediated through the game.

Bingo is played with a lottery ticket, in this figure are several fields that can be ticked. Each time the lottery ticket is completed, will be published after the winning numbers. These appear on a panel and be moved to the Pay It Forward.

The figures are usually drawn by the so-called Caller, in online casinos, this is accomplished through the appropriate software. This has the particular advantage that personnel costs can be saved, thus the profit rate can be significantly higher, the players will benefit from an online casino, therefore, to a large extent.

The winning numbers are drawn from a virtual drum, which are in between 75 and 90 balls. The numbers are usually called very quickly, so the player must concentrate all the time very much. In a game of winning the internet through the software is automatically calculated and added to the game balance. The speed of the game can also be adjusted individually.

Generally, there are different games, which is probably the most famous “coverall”. Here, all numbers on the winning ticket with the numbers drawn match. In contrast, other variants have five numbers can be achieved in a series, even on the diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines are.

If the player has won, he must shout bingo, in the virtual world does this, too, the software. A major advantage is that the game can be played anytime and anywhere. All you need is a laptop or computer with internet access. Also can be played at any time of day to travel long distances also account for the casino.

The winning numbers will always be called up until a player achieves a bingo. Following the game is stopped and the game ticket is checked. If a bingo is reached, the player immediately wins a prize. With several winners of the prize is split. On Free Online Bingo there is the advantage that the use itself can be determined, this can also be played by smaller amounts. After payment of the prize after a new game is started.

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The rise of main stream online bingo

Bingo is one of the most exciting games of chance that have ever been invented, and is therefore popular worldwide.

People come together in banquet halls to play online bingo, bingo will be broadcast live on TV shows, and the Internet provider portals are available to play online bingo.

Play bingo at a profit depends not only on luck, but also on your own ability.

Play bingo, but the best feeling in the community experience, together with the other players, the exciting atmosphere that lasts at least as long as is needed for the triggering and announcing the bingo numbers.

Allowed to play bingo online at any

Not everyone has access to a TV show where a bingo drawing is performed live. In contrast, the Internet open to all. There are many excellent gambling portal, where you play free online bingo visitors. The digital game lobbies are graphically superb and offer sound and video effects, a great game environment that can generate a better atmosphere than in a real arcade. These online casinos are accessible worldwide, so that participants can take part with a large audience together for a bingo draw. Some vendors offer the possibility to have contact with other participants included, so the players together to make another game again and play together date bingo online.

Free online bingo games

Anyone with a broadband connection and a flat rate can play free bingo online. Many portals offer free game play options. In particular, new subscribers get the first opportunity, the functions of a digital gaming hall try, without having to sign beforehand. A player who has had a couple rounds of online bingo play on the computer wants to put his newfound skills to the test and like to win an online bingo draw money. For this purpose he should first register with his short game provider. Many digital casinos provide their players play coupons available or offer a special bonus system. A voucher may be a visitor once or more bingo play for free online. A bonus can work so that the player pays any amount to his bankroll, but the organizers to double or more times the amount credited to the account.

Play bingo online is safe

Web sites are available on the gambling is particularly well secured. Once a player has registered, he can access his account. On the player’s account will be credited to the winnings. Also, the participant deposits into his account and all credits on premiums or coupons the individual bonus system can be accessed via the player’s account. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, by debit to be made by credit card or a special pay system that offers the particular game hall operators. Due to the safety technology of the web portal and a unique password every data only for the individual participants can be viewed.

Each participant should play responsibly and make more clear where his own limits. Anyone who complies with this framework can only win when playing bingo online.

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Bingo Games Played For Centuries Around The World

Gambling is the act of wagering money or something of material value on an event with a false result. People who begin active in the game have intention to win more money or goods, then placed before. Best bingo bonus promotions gaming company legal means in the public offer of playing in a system at the beginning. However, there are other forms of gambling which are banned as a person and that is this particular form of illegal gambling activity can be imprisoned for their actions. It is important that you do before a game, you sure put up a use of funds in order that the activity is running a legal nature.

Catholic and Jewish traditions aside days where they start gambling are known. Although not many religious sectors agree to gambling on a scale that the Games have not started yet, you can live in any region.

Gambling can be some questionable social consequences. For social and religious rules that exist in many parts of the world there are special laws exist aside for gambling.

Many people are familiar with the aspects of the use of money legalized in order to win more money or materials in the process. There is an abundance of legalized games you play, the games are safe and can enjoyable.Casino a certain amount of money can play the game in hopes of winning more. Although the chances of success playing a bingo rating choose to be different the next, many people to engage in the business of the realization of the lost episodes.

Along with casino games and things of that sort, you can also try your luck with a game of bingo. Bingo has been around for centuries. active in many parts of the world and played the free online bingo site games. You start by purchasing a certain number of cards in the hope to come victorious. The concept behind the game is so much like your card numbers are selected at random to cover. Who gets their cards covered the fastest considered the winner, and in return they receive a handsome reward.

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Bingo Games: Online Joker Jackpot Bingo

Similar in appearance to the world-famous slot machines, video online bingo uk, the products are nothing more than reading a spool of preprinted pull – tab, which are housed within a single machine.

The fewer numbers, a player needs to reach the bingo, the more money he will win.

Video bingo would be played in traditional bingo halls in Louisiana since 1980.

Video bingo halls, where the emphasis is more on the machines, equipment, rather than the traditional call – bingo game, was held last year, mostly in parishes that had voted for the video poker during loc Continue Reading

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Difference between online bingo in UK and Austraila

In the UK Bingo is mastered least in large halls, and playing for cash. The greater the commercial companies in the bingo halls during a game are linked by video, the bigger the cash prizes are also to be won.

It is also played in nearly every coastal town in England on screens, in which the player can hide the numbers drawn on the screen. But because of the gambling laws may no cash prizes, but prizes will be won.

Other places where free online bingo is played, but again only for property prices are an infinite number of community halls and schools throughout the country.

Typically, these are donations evenings for many reasons, such as nursing. Here are the prizes donated by shopkeepers and other local businesses, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, because on those evenings everyone is welcome, including children

The prices vary on these evenings, but is the average price for a line of about 1.00 to 2.50 GBP (all depends on who is organizing the evening), and every two lines are between 2.00 – worth £ 5.00 , and a full house (all the numbers on the map) are between 5 – worth 10 GBP. It can also chocolate bars, wine bottles, gift certificates or donate everything possible what his sponsors.

The English and Australian Bingo cards have three lines and nine columns, and there they are usually found in books. Usually a single book has 10 pages (10 cards), each in a different color: gold, purple, yellow, pink, gray, orange, blue, red and white.

A multiple book has 6 single books, each page of the book has 6 cards of the same color, which maps each side are connected by perforated edges and can be easily separated. Experienced players will play all 6 books at once, and inexperienced or children playing only a book or just a card.

Just like the books, there are also sheets with bingo cards that are sold in 6 sections, these are called Flyers. And again you can buy just one section or 6, as it fits your Purse. The flyers usually cost more po game, but the prices are even greater then.

In the big cities Online Bingo is a real business, and the players play very seriously in the great hope of the exclusive jackpot. In the small towns and villages it is more a social event, with beginners and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Bingo Games: Online Video Bingo

Similar in appearance to the world-famous slot machines, video bingo, the products are nothing more than reading a spool of preprinted pull – tab, which are housed within a single machine. The fewer numbers, a player needs to reach the bingo, the more money he will win.

Video bingo was played in traditional bingo halls in Louisiana since 1980. Video bingo halls, where the emphasis is more on the machines, equipment, rather than the traditional call – bingo game, was held last year, mainly in the parishes that voted for the video poker during local elections in 1996. The video bingo Arrangament includes three parties, namely the possessor of the ice cream shop, the charity and the retailer. The distributor, is that of the company owns and operates the machine the. The key factor is the charity who negotiates a contract with the dealer when he rented the hall. Unlike video poker, which is from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board and the Louisiana State Police regulates bingo and video bingo online are monitored by the Office of Cheri gaming table.

The state allows a maximum of 35 machines at each site. Players must be 18 years or older to play video bingo can, in contrast to traditional bingo games, where the minors are permitted to play. As with traditional bingo games, Charitz is limited to 15, six hours per week, but the dealer can conclude contracts with several charities, so that the machines work continuously. Each session must include 10 traditional bingo games. At least 45 percent of the profits from each session must go to the charity. Joker Bingo Jackpot is an upcoming game which has recently been introduced to the gambling world. Players who enjoy usual bingo games will find this variation to be easier to play, the rules are simple and can lead to more winning being earnt. Both 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo games allow for only certain prizes to be won, whilst with the new Joker Jackpot Bingo game there is more of an opportunity to earn more, this is due to the stakes in the game being greater.

It’s like winning the jackpot everytime. There are a variety of new sites which provide the joker bingo game, but the rules may vary. Be sensible which choosing making sure to choose sites which are established brands, but also those who offered the best prices.

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Learning the rules of bingo

Bingo is one of the few casino games, which is well outside the known and popular casinos. Why are the bingo rules and the majority of casino visitors before entering the establishment is not new. If you are one of the few people who have never had contact with the free bingo rules, you need not be embarrassed. has summarized the most important rules of bingo.

The goal of the game

The goal of a bingo player is simple: He tries to reach a certain pattern on his bingo card. If the caller proclaimed all numbers you will need for their profit line, then congratulations! You have won.

The Playing Cards

Before you make to it, winning numbers to highlight, you obviously need a bingo license. These playing cards are known in English as “grids” and generally show 25 randomly selected numbers from the range between 1 and 75 However, there are now in literally hundreds of variations of bingo rules (for example, the 888ladies bingo, Bella Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo – there are so many types and providers) therefore, the number of numbers and the selection will vary from game to game area.

The price of a bingo game card can last from a few cents to hundreds amount of €, depending on where you play. Especially in online casinos you will almost always find a game that fits your budget.

The Calling

Do you have your ticket, you really need only one caller. It is a person who also reads selected by random winning numbers. Every time one of these numbers appears on your ticket, simply select them with a special pen.

According to the goal of the game bingo rules, a specific pattern on the card is to earn. The only power you have to perform here is to recognize the pattern, according to Mark, and – if you earn it – “Bingo” loud call. So you see, is the epitome of a bingo gambling and all in all a very relaxing thing. Your task is to select numbers and can not wait to receive the profits.

The paylines

In most bingo games are very simple rules played bingo pattern. You must earn a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five numbers. However, this is not always so. There are also online bingo uk games where you have to get all the corners and one additional field, a smiley face or some other pattern. In a variant, known as “Blackout Bingo”, you must have all fields marked even her playing card to reap a profit. It is therefore important that you learn just before the start of the game on the winning conditions and the applicable rules of bingo. Nothing is more embarrassing than the wrong moment to call “Bingo!”.

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Bingo Games: Online 90 Ball Bingo

Each bingo ticket has 15 numbers between one mark and 90. There are also 90 numbered balls. If the number drawn corresponds to the number on this card, this will be highlighted. The first player to mark all the numbers on the ticket is the winner. Each game has three chances to win. 90 Ball Bingo – game is very popular in Great Britain, Australia and some regions of Europe and South Africa.

Tickets. Each online bingo terms card has three rows and nine columns. Each row has five numbers and four blank spaces. Six cards are numbered sequentially, and are called Strip. Each strip contains all 90 numbers, which are distributed over the six cards. This means that you have a number for each tag number can actually extahierte. While extracting a ball, the corresponding number is marked on the ticket. Profits and prices. Three models are used in normal games: on one line, two lines and full house, which means the entire ticket. In the specific games can also be used in other models. For the model with a line, you must mark all numbers in a single row of your ticket and for each model with two wires have the numbers on two lines on the same card match.

Full house is called when all the numbers marked on the ticket. They win if they are the first player whose numbers are marked on the ticket. The gain depends on the number of tickets sold, but also on the number of players in this round. In some games, prize money is guaranteed. If you win the full house, you get a certain number of withdrawals, a super jackpot. The jackpots grow in value with each ticket sold. If two or more players win, the prize is split. In the bingo – play with 90 balls there in the first column of numbers between 1 and 10, on the second column, numbers from 11 to 20 and so on, up to the last column, where the numbers are from 81 to 90.

Bingo is a game of unknown origin. Rumors say that the game has taken place in Italy in the sixteenth century and was acquired by French and improved. The game is presented by a person nachansagt the numbers. This person has to call the numbers come out of and validate winning tickets. Prices will be announced by the defense before the start of each game. The person begins to shout the numbers after they are selected at random or using a machine which delivers as random bullets.

The 90 ball bingo game is straightforward and well known. It is one of the most popular type of no depoist bingo, which is nothing more than a few tickets, a little extra time and requires luck. The rest is determined by the bullets. Pure luck.

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Online Bingo Odds

The bingo probabilities are easy to calculate. You must consider not draw or other fluctuating odds. It will draw a number after another – up to 75 numbers. With every number will increase your chances of your teammates and the chance that one of them is the desired aim of the game (usually a bingo, all the numbers on the lottery ticket, or all four corners) is reached.

Bingo odds – 75 opportunities

Below is a list of bingo supplies chances are you now with all the facts and figures for the three most common objectives of the game bingo game. If you wonder why in the free online bingo odds table very often, the entry “0.00000000″ occurs, you should of course bear in mind that you can not have been dragging the second number one bingo – at least not legally. This requires, logically, at least five draws.

For completeness, here are now all your bingo probabilities of the first to the last draw:

Bingo Probabilities – All the rest

Now you know the bingo probabilities for the three most common types of income of the game. Need more? It abounds in the net but the only way of mathematical equations, chaos theory-based betting patterns, tips on choosing the bingo tickets, bingo and Zen meditation books!

Let us bring it to the point: All this is nonsense. The mathematics of bingo is completely covered with the table above. You can not sell any of the so-called “experts” some oh-so-great bingo system. As long as the game is held properly, there is no free bingo games system in the world, which could affect the bingo probabilities – no matter how many Ph.D. the author of the book also has.

Could it be true that you calculate using the chaos theory, theory of such a complex system like a bingo draw – but in practice this is simply impossible. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can begin to enjoy bingo.

Bingo is now sometimes a gamble. And no matter what you do, there will always be one.

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Bingo Games: Online 80 Ball Bingo

A latest up surge in bingo entertainment is the game of 80 ball bingo. If that 75-ball bingo game is just too quick for you and consider the 90 ball game too lengthy, not to fear there is another game which you may like play 80 ball bingo. This abbreviated form of the beloved game of bingo is as easy as any other bingo game, so there’s not a huge folio of notes, so with some basic rules you can play quietly and enjoy!

Was introduced as the first 80 ball bingo, bingo was called formwork panel, due to the fact that small apertures were used to the numbers as they were called to meet. It works like this online – and the numbers in play are as they are called shaded. The tickets are five rows and four columns, each column arranged in a different color. The colors used are red, yellow, blue and silver. The purchase of tickets is a simple affair and is as easy as clicking your mouse. However, you must remember that you should open your account in order to buy your tickets, if they do not play for free of course.

Free bingo is at most online bingo sites available and this is a good way to learn how to play the game. Remember that playing bingo is not rocket science and it can therefore not be too complicated or unimaginable. The nice thing about 80 ball bingo games is that it’s a great compromise between the traditional 90 ball bingo and the preferred area of ??the USA, 75-ball game. 90 Ball Bingo also offers a variety of patterns that can be played, for example, the classic X, Other letters, Four Corners, horizontally and vertically, among others. The diversity is what fits the game and what makes it into something interesting. Games can also be found in the form of the classical Overal or full house. The game is played much the same way, the numbers are random and the player they called from the market. Both guaranteed, as well as progressive jackpots in the 80 – to be played version of bingo and it’s getting more popular since they readily available at ever more online – is pages – bingo.

80 Ball Bingo is a brand new bingo sites game, what everyone’s talking about! When 75 balls are too little and 90 is too many, then it is high time that you try this version! This successful combination has become so popular, thanks to its many users have found the player and the game really interesting and exciting. If you are a bingo fan, try 80 ball bingo, for you have nothing to lose, but certainly something to be won! And if you do not have a lucky charm here is the income like yours.

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Bingo Games: Online 75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo (75 bingo or 75 ball) is a popular version of bingo in North America. Players buy bingo – tickets and then mark the numbers as they are shouting. The winner is the first player to arrive to the winning pattern to tick. This pattern can take several forms, namely letters, numbers or special designs.

The 75 ball bingo is very different from the 90 ball bingo. First, because there are only 75 balls, and not 90th The card game is also quite the Different, compared to other bingo games, because it is divided into five vertical and five hotizontalen columns, where to find the middle number is not (empty space). At the beginning of the game is a card model with the location of the balls to be filled in to the bingo to win prize, presented randomly. For example, all the numbers in the corner of the card (four digits), or all the numbers on the right or left side of the bingo card are to be found (ten numbers). In this type of online bingo terms, there is no price for one or two lines, only the ulitmativen bingo prize.

In the two bingo variants, both in the 75 ball bingo, as well as in the 90 ball bingo, there is a specific price, called the jackpot. This is that you get bingo, but in a certain number of balls. For the 90 ball bingo you get the jackpot if you bingo ball to 35 – 45 and receives in the 75 ball bingo and 25 ball -35. The jackpot prizes are generally much, and reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars even. In terms of OF ANY bingo game, the purpose is the same, be the first to be (r) is ticking all the boxes with the numbers. However, there is diversity systems when it comes to the 75 ball bingo game. Mention would be the horizontal line, vertical line, multiple lines, the letter L, the letter O, the letter V and the familiar pattern of all ticked figures and many others. There are two reasons why the 75 ball bingo is faster than the 90 ball bingo game. First, because some schemes and systems are easier to complete, and secondly, because the number of balls is smaller, faster, and is extracted.

This type of bingo game offering players a great pleasure. The players choose the type of play they want, usually on the geographical location, so do not decide their personal preference for a certain game of free online bingo. But there is also a variant where you can try both games, and play only one that’s more fun and brings more money. For, by and large, everything is just a matter of luck!

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More Bingo Tips & Tricks For Your Knowledge

Auto Dauber

If you use the auto-dauber, You have to really worry about anything because the computer will automatically mark your numbers.

90-ball Bingo

In most bingo halls will also call it “Bingo” for you if you’re the lucky one (but please check first if you have to press the Bingo button itself). It’s a good thing to use the auto-dauber, because then you need not stress yourself during the game and it allows you to use a lot of cards in a game. As a special bonus, you can personalize your car with different colors and animations Dauber.


Normally, you need a number or a whole card full have to get a bingo online, but on some pages are also other fun patterns used. If that’s the case, you see a picture that shows how the pattern that you need to look at the top of the screen. You can see these patterns on the charts, where some numbers are colored darker than the others.


You can choose between different callers – some prefer a sexy woman’s voice, the other sweet of a guy. You can also choose from different types that your Caller background music is accompanied.

Auto Sort

If you have many cards and not all can see on the screen at once, it may make sense to use the automatic collation. This feature allows you to see the cards that are closest to a bingo.

Extra Games

While playing bingo, you can also other best free bingo games such as Video poker and slot machines in small windows on the same screen play. Please note that these games may have other stakes and rules.

The chat forum

Ultimately, you should use the chat forum if you are online. First, it is a fantastic place to socialize and make new friends. Second, and the chat managers (who represented the casino) and other beginner players compared with usually very helpful, so that they can help you if you should have any questions. And third, there are a lot of extra profits, where the chat manager offers a few extra games (winning the first three players to the “three I” call in the chat forum, where the number 3 is drawn, extra money).

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The First Steps for playing Online Bingo

For a new player, the first visit of an online bingo hall can be very overwhelming. But do not worry! This comprehensive game guide will accompany you with professional advice, tips and tricks for online bingo.

Online Bingo

The first steps

Do not worry if you’re keen to want to play Bingo Online, but not the biggest geek in the sun are – to play bingo online is easy and we will help you on this page to a safe and fast start. Stick to these simple tips bingo easy and you’ll be surrounded by many new friends soon – and money. : o)

      Choose a bingo hall. First You have to decide where you want to play on the Internet. There are several different bingo hall, which all offer something special and attract many different people. We recommend that you at some of the bingo playing site that we have listed – we have spent much time trying to test the quality and reliability of various bingo sites and have listed the top 5 pages. This means that you must spend time, you read the fine print and the terms and conditions – and more importantly, you must not waste money through unfair playing at bingo sites.
      Some bingo sites require that you upload their software in your browser before you start. Click on “Download Software” on their side and install the software step by step, then you’re soon ready to play.
      Create a profile / Log in with name and address, etc. Some online bingo sites you will receive immediately after you log in as a welcome bonus. This means you can start playing without spending your own money.
      Deposit money. After the registration you have to go to the checkout to deposit the amount with which you want to play, start, so you get the desired number of cards and can play. Keep your credit card ready, or use your Neteller account.
      Choose a bingo hall. There are several ways:

      • Exercise bingo room. This type of bingo space creates an environment where you can practice free bingo. Normally it is not public, meaning that you can not chat with others when you’re here. This exercise will service not offered by all bingo sites, but for beginners it is a good place to start.
      • Main bingo hall. Here you play for real money, and here are the usual way, other players move. It is very popular to come in contact with the other players and participate in the ongoing extra games in the chat forum while waiting for his numbers are drawn. If you get bored you should, you have good chances of different types of slot machines, poker machines, etc. to find.
      • Tournament halls. Most new bingo sites offer their players the opportunity to participate in various tournaments. These are often the way you give to clear top notch, but there are many players, so that the competition is high.

Now you’re ready to play bingo online, but in online bingo as it is about much more than just the game, we will briefly mention a few things you should know before entering the poker rooms.

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You thought so, bingo depends only on luck? You may have to reconsider that opinion … – you will discover some diverse approaches to decide on from you once you decide to bet using Bingo Online playing cards.

Bingo Strategies

Bingo is really a really simple recreation wherever your odds of successful depend virtually completely on luck. Nevertheless, you will find a few strategic bingo policies that you just really should keep you to optimize your possibilities of winning.

Engage in more than a single card

It really is much better to buy far too numerous bingo playing cards to perform a online game as an alternative to just a single card with numerous video game titles. Of course, then you definately give lots of money within a activity, but you also enhance your possibilities of staying the first to acquire a bingo, considerably. You need to certainly you always observe this rule when it involves higher profits.

Opt for either similar or different figures

In case you invest in many bingo cards for your online game that you may put on your own amongst playing cards with diverse figures and cards to decide resembling figures. Should you choose towards the first strategy, you’ll be able to improve the advantages that many playing cards to own. The opposite approach, in which you use similar cards maximize the output of the happy mix (the place the number is on numerous maps). It really is for that reason a far more aggressive and dangerous technique bingo.

Pick out a room with a small number of other players

This calculation is uncomplicated: the fewer competition you will discover (ie the fewer cards in use), the greater the odds are that you choose to gain. But remember which the rooms provide a handful of individuals who seldom have the most effective income, and for that reason they usually have to weigh among big revenue with minimal probability or small gains with larger probabilities. Bear in mind gains depend in some bingo halls on the amount of gamers there.

All that now remains to say is: Have pleasurable and benefit from the free on the free online bingo games – and good luck! : O)

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Learning to play Bingo online

Bingo Online is a world famous game, but online there are many variations of the game. Fortunately they are all easy to learn and the basic rules are similar. The most popular online bingo game is the American Bingo, which contains 75 numbers, but also the Bingo (with 90 figures) can be seen often.

The games consist of:

  • A caller (who represented the casino), announces the respective random numbers
  • One or more players (like you) have all the cards over a certain amount of

If a player has a number on his card, which coincides with that which is currently in demand, he highlighted the number. The numbers are announced quickly, so you have to pay close attention to the caller and the numbers quickly and accurately to mark your bingo cards, or select the auto-dauber, so he does it for you. Depending on the game have to fill in the numbers either selected a number, the entire map or a different pattern (see the table at right). The first player who meets that has bingo and win – it’s that easy!


As I said, when it comes to bingo and the establishment of contacts, and we therefore recommend you to use the bingo chat forum while you play bingo – it is fun and is a great way to meet new friends. Here you can also get advice from experienced players and participate in extra small competitions. There are a few rules for chatting on free online bingo sites to which you should keep it, and you also often used abbreviations in the chat language – the so-called “bingo lingo”. This language can be a bit confusing at the beginning, but you will quickly understand the importance of different expressions.