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The rules

Bingo is a game of chance. Here are balls, much like billiard balls, drawn from a pool of 75 or 90 balls, and proclaimed their numbers. To adjust the figures to buy the player before pre-cards. The players mark the numbers on their proclaimed playing cards and whoever can first form a predetermined pattern in the match the called numbers with its maps called “Bingo” and wins.

The number of how to play bingo players is not really limited. Important before the game is the acquisition of two completely different game cards. These consist of 24 numbered boxes and an open field that can be marked by the same player. The 5 × 5 grid on the cards allows for different patterns.

Have the players earned their cards at the so-called Caller (crier) to the random drawing of numbers. Each drawn number is called out and removed from the game. Tasks of the players is to be called as soon as possible to find the number on the card number and mark.

Is achieved with the selected number of fields, the default pattern, you have won. “BINGO” call to remember! The game is played until one player has formed the pattern. Then you can start a new game. The gains vary depending on the company between more or less high jackpots and cash prizes.

The bingo game is probably one of the most popular games in the world, it is always played at various events to pass the time. Due to the high chances of winning bingo bonus promotions is now available in many stores and online lottery casinos. Bingo is also one of the world’s oldest games of chance, this is due to the high level of fun and the tension that is mediated through the game.

Bingo is played with a lottery ticket, in this figure are several fields that can be ticked. Each time the lottery ticket is completed, will be published after the winning numbers. These appear on a panel and be moved to the Pay It Forward.

The figures are usually drawn by the so-called Caller, in online casinos, this is accomplished through the appropriate software. This has the particular advantage that personnel costs can be saved, thus the profit rate can be significantly higher, the players will benefit from an online casino, therefore, to a large extent.

The winning numbers are drawn from a virtual drum, which are in between 75 and 90 balls. The numbers are usually called very quickly, so the player must concentrate all the time very much. In a game of winning the internet through the software is automatically calculated and added to the game balance. The speed of the game can also be adjusted individually.

Generally, there are different games, which is probably the most famous “coverall”. Here, all numbers on the winning ticket with the numbers drawn match. In contrast, other variants have five numbers can be achieved in a series, even on the diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines are.

If the player has won, he must shout bingo, in the virtual world does this, too, the software. A major advantage is that the game can be played anytime and anywhere. All you need is a laptop or computer with internet access. Also can be played at any time of day to travel long distances also account for the casino.

The winning numbers will always be called up until a player achieves a bingo. Following the game is stopped and the game ticket is checked. If a bingo is reached, the player immediately wins a prize. With several winners of the prize is split. On Free Online Bingo there is the advantage that the use itself can be determined, this can also be played by smaller amounts. After payment of the prize after a new game is started.